Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below for some common questions that are asked about our services.

How do I receive test results?

Phone Monash Pathology Enquiries Tel: +6 1 3 9594 4538

Doctors can be set up for electronic downloading of results, hard copies, or both. This is can be arranged through Monash Pathology IT Services.

What about urgent test results?

If test results are required urgently please contact the laboratory concerned and speak with a Senior Scientist or Pathologist.

Direct communication greatly assists with prioritisation of testing.

For pending reports or urgent results, please phone Enquiries.

Tel: +6 1 3 9594 4538

How do I add on other tests?

Monash Pathology requires you to complete a new request form for any additional tests you may require on a sample.

The majority of samples are kept for approximately 7 days at most sites.

When can I call about test results?

For patients requiring critical care and in circumstances requiring a prompt response, we provide access to pathology expertise from experienced personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Who will I be talking to?

The on-call pathologists are the most senior and experienced personnel we have available at any given time. They are invariably senior clinical staff or laboratory managers, all of whom have a significant amount of expertise in their chosen discipline.

What if I don’t understand the results?

Our Enquiries staff will connect you with the appropriate specialty area. You can talk to a pathologist who will explain your patient’s test results to you.

What if a patient’s results don’t arrive?

Phone our results enquiries lines. Staff can re-send an electronic download of results.

If results do not download between 15 and 30 minutes, the clinician should call back and we will provide the result and connect them with Pathology IT Services to investigate the cause.

The usual download interval by the clinic or medical practice is between 15 and 30 minutes.

There may be further delay to allow time for a clinic’s software to import process and display the result file.

What if I need specimens collected?

Please Phone the Enquiries line for assistance.

Tel: +61 3 9594 4538

Our staff will arrange a Courier pick up.

What if patients need blood collected at home?

Monash Pathology provides a Domicillary Service.

For a domiciliary nurse or home visit a doctor’s authorisation is required.

Clayton (Mon – Fri : 8.30am – 4pm) +61 3 9594 2469
Dandenong (Mon- Fri: 1pm – 3.30pm) +61 3 9554 1901

What about regular patient tests?

Please document the phrase “Rule 3 Exemption” on the request form. The blood collection staff member will photocopy the form. It may be used for 6 months or six visits, whichever comes first. If an INR test is needed, note that request forms for INR tests do not automatically expire after 6 months.