Our Organisation

As part of Victoria’s largest health service, Monash Pathology provides a comprehensive range of clinical and laboratory services to the entire Monash Health network, community health programs and private healthcare providers.

Supporting a multicultural population in excess of 1 million people, our services operate 365 days a year.

With a team of more than 300 dedicated staff, Monash Pathology provides quality 24 hours a day access, personalised and timely service for inpatients, hospital outpatients and privately referred patients. Specialist pathologists are available to provide expert consultation and clinical support and highly qualified scientific staff ensures the highest standards of technical excellence.

Monash Pathology has an integrated network of laboratories delivering quality health care to the south eastern metropolitan region. This extends through Casey Hospital, Dandenong Hospital, Monash Medical Centre Clayton, Moorabbin Hospital and the Victorian Heart Hospital. We also provide satellite Collection Centres for improved access to our community

Through our collaborations with medical researchers on the Monash Health Translation Precinct we are at the forefront of the latest scientific discoveries delivering world-leading healthcare.

Monash Pathology provides undergraduate and post graduate education to medical, scientific and nursing staff and students and a safe and stimulating work environment for all employees.

Commercial and Investigator Initiated Research Programs including a comprehensive Clinical Trials and Assays program are provided through Monash Health Pathology.

Our Call centre is designed to provide you with a single point-of-contact to assist with your enquiry. Our centre staffs are trained customer service providers and most calls are resolved on initial contact, or alternatively forwarded to scientific or clinical experts for prompt advice.

Monash Health Pathology laboratories function as a valuable resource within Public Health and the wider Victorian community. Our expertise facilitates appropriate access to other medical programs within Monash Health, providing a seamless progression of patient care and best practice within our patient community.