About Us

Clinical Biochemistry exists to provide an extensive service to tertiary hospitals whose patients include adults, children, mental health and aged care. Provision of this service requires a range of tests which are performed in a highly automated core laboratory as well as specialised laboratories such as mass spectrometry, chromatography and electrophoresis. A 24 hour service is provided for all acute services. Clinical Biochemistry also oversees an extensive range of point of care analysers, for example blood gas.

The core laboratory uses total laboratory automation which ensures high quality and a uniform testing procedure to ensure results are available to referrers with the shortest turnaround time.
The high quality instrumentation is underpinned by a professional and experienced staff.

Biochemistry staff regularly participates in both internal and external educational activities to ensure our knowledge base is continually updated.

We have an extensive internal and external quality assurance program to continually assess the quality of the assays and instrumentation.