About Us

Research and the translation of Research knowledge to clinical best practice has been embedded in the culture of Monash Pathology since establishment. While many organisations aspire to a translational research model, examples of direct implementation of research results in a clinical setting are comparatively rare. However, Monash Pathology’s unique location on the Monash Health Translation Precinct (MHTP) is the key to our success. Our collaborating partners, Monash Health, Hudson Institute of Medical Research and Monash University, combine their knowledge and skills according to disease theme promoting inter-departmental and cross-disciplinary research.

Our pathologists, researchers and academics actively collaborate to ensure innovative scientific discoveries are translated to tangible outcomes, and that discovery research is focused according to clinical need.

Our pursuit is underpinned by use of the latest innovative and world-class capabilities. An exemplar is the close partnership between our Genetics and Molecular Pathology service and the MHTP Medical Genomics Facility. Through collaborative research, shared infrastructure, instrumentation, resources and expertise we are always at the forefront of new genetic test development to deliver world-leading healthcare to our patients.

Monash Pathology has an innovative and comprehensive research program including our active involvement in over 200 Clinical Trials