Test Information and Privacy

Do I need to book for a test?

For most pathology tests, an appointment is not required and clients presenting at our patient centres will be attended to in order. There are, however, a small number of tests that do require a booking. Patients who have booked for these specific tests may be seen out of order due to special timing requirements. Our staff always attempt to triage patients and prioritise those with current medical conditions or those who are not feeling well.

Refer to Tests requiring an appointment for further information.

What’s the best time to attend?

Our patient centres are busy earlier in the day. If you are able to come in later in the morning or in the afternoon, you will usually be served more promptly. However, if your test requires fasting overnight, you should attend as early as possible.

Do I need to bring my Medicare Card?

Yes, you must have your Medicare card with you so Monash Pathology can confirm your correct details in order to bulk-bill Medicare.

What should I do after my test?

Many tests require fasting and because of this some patients may be in a fragile state, especially children and older people. Don’t exert yourself unduly until you have had a proper meal.

After blood has been collected and gauze has been applied to the puncture site, avoid bending your arm or lifting anything heavy with the arm, including bags or handbags, until you feel better.

When can I get my results?

Your doctor will advise you when your results are available.

Are my results kept private?

Monash Pathology maintains rigorous levels of confidentiality and all your medical information is protected according to current laws on privacy and the protection of personal information.

Are my samples kept secure?

In common with all Australian major hospitals, Monash Pathology uses the 3-point patient identification check to ensure the sample is matched to your doctor’s request. The same process applies if you are dropping off a sample you have collected yourself for testing.

All of Monash Pathology laboratories are NATA-accredited to ensure the highest standards of testing, handling and clinical accuracy of your pathology test results.

For more information see Patient Test Instructions.