Microbiology provides:

  • Specialised Bacteriology, Infectious Disease Serology, and Mycobacteriology and Molecular Microbiology service.
  • Consultation and advice to medical and nursing staff regarding appropriate selection of laboratory investigations, specimen collection requirements and for results interpretation and antibiotic guidance provided by two Medical Microbiologists supported by our Microbiology and infectious disease registrars. Our Medical Microbiologists are also qualified Infectious Disease physicians.
  • Guidance to Medical staff regarding algorithmic/cascade testing and the need for specialised testing.
  • Provision of rapid results necessary for effective Infection Prevention and liaison with Infection Prevention and Occupational exposure teams.
  • Contribution to antimicrobial stewardship program guidelines and provision of cascade reporting and antibiogram to support the program.
  • Collaboration with Monash Health Translational Precinct provides access to specialised equipment and expertise to Monash Health
  • Expertise of staff recognised externally to Monash Health with senior staff appointed to roles in professional bodies working committees, advisory groups and assessors of quality systems through the NATA /NPAAC accreditation process.

Specimen requirements may be found in the online specimen collection manual.