Monash Pathology History

There have been a number of incarnations of pathology services preceding the current service now performed by Monash Health. It all started for the sum of £120 in 1932 when a Pathology and Bacteriology Department was formed at the Melbourne Homeopathic Hospital. The Melbourne Homeopathic Hospital was later to become Prince Henry’s Hospital.  In the […]

Point of Care testing

Point of care testing (PoCT) is the provision of diagnostic testing provided at, or near the patient bedside, (i.e point of care). Test results are immediately available to enable urgent medical decision making. Point of care testing (PoCT) is now widely recognised as contributing to better healthcare by significantly reducing turnaround time for pathology testing. […]

Domicillary Home Collection Service

This service operates out of our Dandenong and Clayton Collection Centres. Clayton (Mon – Fri : 8.30am – 4pm) +61 3 9594 2469 Dandenong (Mon- Fri: 1pm – 3.30pm) +61 3 9554 1901 Our home visiting service is available for ill and infirm patients who may require: Specimen collection ECG This Service includes visits to […]